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Meet the Executive Team

Henk Duys – Executive Chairman

Henk Duys was appointed Executive Chairman of the Duys Group (Pty) in October 2008. Henk has an industry wide reputation as a dynamic no nonsense leader with an eye for opportunity. He has lead the group since 1980 and maintains a high level of involvement in setting the strategic direction of the organisation and marshalling its organisational culture.

Michael Duys - Group Managing Director

Michael Duys was pointed Group Managing Director in October 2008. He has overall responsibility for group strategy and leadership. Prior to his appointment he was responsible for the group engineering businesses and shell repair business. 

Mike Hammond – Financial Director

In Jan 2011 Michael Hammond was appointed Group Financial Director. Mike has extensive experience within the Automotive sector as well as within the Duys Group. His specific responsibilities include group legal structuring, and treasury. He has direct line responsibility for our relationships with our auditors and bankers.

Pieter Duys – Executive Director - Engineering

Pieter Duys was appointed Executive Director responsible for Engineering in Jan 2011. He has overall responsibility for our engineering businesses in Durban, Richard’s Bay and Maputo.  Pieter has a strong track record of  delivery on complex multi disciplinary and geography engineering projects. He is well respected by his staff and customers alike.

Johnmark Simmons- Executive Director Duys Component

Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd

John Mark was appointed Executive Director responsible for the Duys Group’s Manufacturing and Automotive businesses in February 2011.  He has overall responsibility for Duys Component Manufacturers based at the plant in New Germany,  Durban.  John Mark completed an under graduate degree majoring in Law and Industrial Psychology, later returning to do a masters degree in Business Administration.  During this time, he worked for several years running a commodities brokering business before joining the Duys Group in 2004. John Mark has a passion for developing people and he has a strong orientation towards systems.  His vision for Duys Component Manufacturers is for a business that continuously improves, always in an ethical fashion, for the sake of delighting its customer base while providing a world class working environment for Duys employees.

Louise Duys – Non – Executive Deputy Chairman

In January 2011 Louise Duys was appointed as Non-executive Deputy Chairman of the newly constituted Duys Group (pty) Ltd board.  Louise comes with a wealth of corporate experience having worked at the FMCG multi-national, Unilever South Africa, for 11 years, originally in Marketing and more recently as a senior executive responsible for Corporate Sustainability.  In this capacity she sits on the board of a number of NGOs and trusts that receive support from Unilever.

Protus Sokhela  - Non – Executive Director

In Jan 2011 Protus Sokhela was appointed a Non-Executive Director of the newly constituted Duys Group (pty) Ltd board.  Protus comes with extensive executive level experience within the Sugar Industry. He also is the Chairman and major shareholder in a number of industrial concerns. He owns no equity in the Duys Group.

Contact Details

1 Progress Road Pinetown New Germany Kwazulu Natal South Africa T: (031) 713 1722 F: (031) 713 1727 enquiries@duys.co.za
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