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Nkambala Crystallisers

At the end of 2007 we took on a project of 8 x horizontal cristalisers destined for this customer near Lusaka. We made up the more technical engineering parts in our Pinetown (Durban) facilities, shipped these to our Mozambique facility, carried out the plate works and assembly here, and then ran an abnormal load convoy fleet through Mozambique and Zimbabwe to Zambia The road trip took 6 days

Barge Modification

The vessel is 90m long and 25 metres wide We added almost 100 tonnes of steel over 4 weeks, prepping the panels in the workshop. We transported everything to the harbour and fitted the walls panels to the vessel, day and night in varying weather conditions.

Tank Farm

Our next exciting project is the building of 6 x oil storage tanks (2000m3 each) at Maputo Port for an international trader who expects to grow significantly over next few years. We fully expect to be joining him on this journey to the development of Mozambique, and further afield. For this tank project, commenced April 2007, we have developed our own jacking system to enable ground-up fabrication and by so doing, always working efficiently & safely at ground level

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